WordPress Weekend

I spent most of the weekend setting up four different instances of WordPress.  Some have been more stressful than others.  My personal site kevinmullins.com I think looks really nice ( I love the template http://digitalnature.ro/projects/mystique/) But a few sites I am not happy with them because I am trying to use WordPress more as a CMS then a blogging platform.

I really like WordPress for how easy it is to install and how easy it is to upgrade to new patched versions.  My Hosting provider isn’t quick to update application install scripts so I like how easy I can manually do it.  I find it much easier than Drupal, and for some of the things I would like to do I think Drupal would be better, but I am really impressed with how easy WordPress is to use and maintain.  I do plan on going through this tutorial, http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/plus-tutorials-2/wordpress-as-a-cms-new-plus-tutorial/ but from reading the comments I still think I am trying to do more with WordPress than I should, but man I sure do like it.  What are your thoughts?

The new WordPress sites:


mullinsmuse.com (My sister’s site)


New Site, New Objective

I think I might actually start using my site a little bit to communicate about some things I am interested in.  I know that there is no reason for anyone to view the site, but hey you never know.  It is also an opportunity to play with WordPress.  I have used Drupal a lot but decided to try WordPress on for size.  So far I am not liking the Flickr widgets, but it isn’t the WordPress implementation, Flickr really makes it hard to link it in.  The Twitter widget looks promising.  Now I need to find others options, maybe Picassa?

PS3 & Netflix

I have a PS3 and an XBOX 360.  I used to be a big gamer but as life has gone by I tend to game less and less, so both boxes are more media devices than they are gaming devices.  In my opinion the xbox kills the PS3 hands down (even though I love Blu-ray).  The whole XBOX Live experience is just better and the integrated Netflix and now Zune content really make the XBOX stand out.  Add on top of that the PlayOn service to stream Hulu, YouTube, Amazon OnDemand and you get a really good media machine. (Ok, same service runs on the PS3 also)

Well today I got my disk from Netflix to enable Netflix streaming on the PS3.  First, it is a disk, because Sony isn’t ready to updated the software on the PS3 to do the streaming. I get disks all the time from Netflix, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  However, I open up the slave to learn that if I want to use the Netflix service I have to insert the disk each and every time.  When I ordered the disk I assumed it would install on the PS3 like almost all games for the PS3 do (really annoying by the way!)  No, much to my amazement you need to have the disk in each and every time you want to go through the internet to Netfilx and stream a movie.  If that isn’t a failed implementation I don’t know what is!