Lotto Dreams

WA-LOTTOI know I don’t update this site much, and I am sure it is just visited by people that just meet me, but I’m thinking of using it a little more in the future.  So what am I up to these days?  I was laid off back in October 2013, and have been trying to figure out what I should do ever since.  I have gone on a lot of interviews, but none have turned into anything, including all the contracting positions I was submitted.  I am not sure why none have landed but I wonder if it is because I always had a dream to run my own company.  And I keep coming back to that idea.

I went very far down the path of purchasing a franchise in January, but backed out as I learned more about the job I would actually be doing.  So now I am trying to decide what my next steps should be.  I have had what I call a lotto dream, the things you think about doing when you win the lotto. Now, in order to win you have to play, and I don’t often buy a ticket, but I still have the dream.

My lotto dream is the standard, pay off the house, buy a place for my mom and sisters, do something for my dad and then when the dust settles start my own database development business.  Since I wouldn’t need to worry about money because of the lotto capital it would be a dream job.  Or at least it is in my dream.

The question is do I go after the database development business without the lotto capital?  Could I make that dream job without having to get that win fall that will never happen, regardless of weather I buy a ticker or not?

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