Another Year

Well it looks like I have done it again.  Gone a whole year without putting up any content.  It is interesting how Facebook and other social media platforms have changed the need to have and maintain personal blogs.  If you need to reach out to friends it is easier to just post something on Facebook.

What is going on now?  I have put all other plans on hold and gotten back into the web analytics world.  Which means Filemaker development is now back to just the little bit I do for Angelorum on a volunteer basis.  I am however working full time for as the BI Analytics Manager.  This allows me to move away from Adobe Data Workbench (Adobe Insight, Visual Sciences) and into the main Adobe Analytics world, and I couldn’t be happier.  For the longest time I didn’t think analytics was the correct career choice.  That is why I went down the application development route with Filemaker.  Now that I am working in the main Adobe Analytics world I am learning a lot of things I never had the opportunity before.

Additionally I get to play around and test different analytics services, case in point this post.  I am investigating a plug in for wordpress to add a datalayer and pass information onto DTM and I want to see what the data looks like.  Which means this post is really so I can test how things work so I can apply that to my day job!