Father of three, loving husband with a technology background.  For the last 6 years I have working in the world of web analytics.  As with everything I do I am usually on the technical side of any endeavor, so I have been an Insight architect most of that time.  I had gotten into security before that and studied for and received my CISSP certification, but I let that expire when I got out of security to get in analytics.  Prior to that I was a technical project manager.  I am currently looking for my next career opportunity.

I have volunteered as the technology director for a non-profit for 12 years, and in that capacity I have built a number of Filemaker databases.  I am currently trying to transition to using Alpha Anywhere for my database systems, I think it provides more flexibility but I have found learning it to be a little harder.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    My name is also Kevin Mullins and it appears we both may live in the Northwest :). I gather this from your WaMu comment. I was curious if you were interested in selling this domain? I am hoping to start doing some photography work and would like to use the kevinmullins.com domain to lead friends, family and possible clients to my work.


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