Another Year

Well it looks like I have done it again.  Gone a whole year without putting up any content.  It is interesting how Facebook and other social media platforms have changed the need to have and maintain personal blogs.  If you need to reach out to friends it is easier to just post something on Facebook.

What is going on now?  I have put all other plans on hold and gotten back into the web analytics world.  Which means Filemaker development is now back to just the little bit I do for Angelorum on a volunteer basis.  I am however working full time for as the BI Analytics Manager.  This allows me to move away from Adobe Data Workbench (Adobe Insight, Visual Sciences) and into the main Adobe Analytics world, and I couldn’t be happier.  For the longest time I didn’t think analytics was the correct career choice.  That is why I went down the application development route with Filemaker.  Now that I am working in the main Adobe Analytics world I am learning a lot of things I never had the opportunity before.

Additionally I get to play around and test different analytics services, case in point this post.  I am investigating a plug in for wordpress to add a datalayer and pass information onto DTM and I want to see what the data looks like.  Which means this post is really so I can test how things work so I can apply that to my day job!

Back into Filemaker

As of right now, I am pursuing the database development dream.  I am working with my sister on a few ideas to build services for lawyers.  I have also gone through a lot of training for a new application framework, Alpha Anywhere that will help me build a software as a service solution.  However out of the blue I get a call from someone I meet back at WaMu.

Have you ever gotten a call where you didn’t know the number but picked it up anyway.  I have done that a lot lately because my resume is out there so you never know who is looking for you at that moment.  Instead of the call being from a recruiter who matched a keyword to something on my resume, it was a call from someone I knew in a past life.

During the time I was working at WaMu, I was building a few solutions for Angelorum, the non-profit I volunteer for as the Technology Director.  WaMu was great because they paid you to volunteer 5 hours a quarter.  I used Filemaker to develope the solutions for Angelorum and I got pretty involved with the Filemaker community along the way.  I meet someone that also worked at WaMu and had built a nice application to do a pretty important task for WaMu and did it really well in Filemaker. The solutions I built for Angelorum are all still running and I still support them, but I have held off on developing anything new in Filemaker.

I have pulled away from Filemaker primarily because I would like to build web application solutions so I don’t have to buy so many copies of Filemaker for Angelorum, trying to keep expenses down as much as I can so as much money can go to our clients and not software solutions.  Unfortunately I haven’t worked with anything I like as much as Filemaker, so adoption of anything new has been slow.

Well that all changed on Friday when I got this call out of the blue.  He has a database consulting company and was looking for someone he could sub-contract some work.  What a perfect opportunity for me, just starting out with my new dream business.  It does mean getting back into the Filemaker ecosystem but a lot has changed since the last version I owned, v11 and I still like Filemaker better than anything else I have played with.  I just worry that it still isn’t the right tool for all the ideas I have in mind, but I am excited to see where this opportunity might take me.  Will Filemaker, Alpha Anywhere or both, be the software I focus on for my business?

Lotto Dreams

WA-LOTTOI know I don’t update this site much, and I am sure it is just visited by people that just meet me, but I’m thinking of using it a little more in the future.  So what am I up to these days?  I was laid off back in October 2013, and have been trying to figure out what I should do ever since.  I have gone on a lot of interviews, but none have turned into anything, including all the contracting positions I was submitted.  I am not sure why none have landed but I wonder if it is because I always had a dream to run my own company.  And I keep coming back to that idea.

I went very far down the path of purchasing a franchise in January, but backed out as I learned more about the job I would actually be doing.  So now I am trying to decide what my next steps should be.  I have had what I call a lotto dream, the things you think about doing when you win the lotto. Now, in order to win you have to play, and I don’t often buy a ticket, but I still have the dream.

My lotto dream is the standard, pay off the house, buy a place for my mom and sisters, do something for my dad and then when the dust settles start my own database development business.  Since I wouldn’t need to worry about money because of the lotto capital it would be a dream job.  Or at least it is in my dream.

The question is do I go after the database development business without the lotto capital?  Could I make that dream job without having to get that win fall that will never happen, regardless of weather I buy a ticker or not?

New Site, New Objective

I think I might actually start using my site a little bit to communicate about some things I am interested in.  I know that there is no reason for anyone to view the site, but hey you never know.  It is also an opportunity to play with WordPress.  I have used Drupal a lot but decided to try WordPress on for size.  So far I am not liking the Flickr widgets, but it isn’t the WordPress implementation, Flickr really makes it hard to link it in.  The Twitter widget looks promising.  Now I need to find others options, maybe Picassa?